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About Biodiversity Monitoring Services

Biodiversity Monitoring Services

Biodiversity Monitoring Services (BMS), has been undertaking fauna surveys and assessments for more than 35 years.  We are a small Australian owned business that has all of our own survey equipment and two vehicles (one to mine specification).


Our small size and ready access to a range of survey equipment allows us to respond rapidly and flexibly to the needs of our clients.


BMS comprises university trained personnel that apply a fully planned approach to providing data and advice on terrestrial vertebrate and freshwater macro-invertebrate fauna.  Scientific rigor is upmost in the approach to survey design.


We follow the survey and assessment guidelines recommended by State and Commonwealth agencies, including the use of BACI design when establishing impact and monitoring surveys.  Analysis of data follows established statistical procedures using several software packages and GIS. 

Meet Our Staff

BMS have conducted fauna surveys and impact assessment for a variety of developments including mines, residential developments, pipelines, roads, bridges, airports, golf courses, kangaroo control, water management, dams and tourism. 


Our work has been throughout Australia and overseas, covering a range of aspects involving fauna which include:


  • Documenting fauna presence

  • Population estimates

  • Pre-clearing surveys

  • Long-term monitoring

  • BOS surveys and credit calculations

  • AUSRIVAS freshwater bioassessments

  • Animal welfare studies

  • Wildlife management

  • Impact studies

  • Mitigation advice

  • Rehabilitation strategies

  • Species plans of management

  • Research for films

  • Bird strike assessment for airports

  • Policy development

Biodiversity Monitoring Services
Biodiversity Monitoring Services
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