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Dr Martin Denny (B.Sc, PhD Zoology, FRZSNSW, FECANSW)

Biodiversity Monitoring Services
Biodiversity Monitoring Services
Biodiversity Monitoring Services


Dr Martin Denny began undertaking fauna surveys nearly 50 years ago, completing the impact assessment for the Moomba-Sydney gas pipeline in 1975.  He was one of the first ecological consultants established after the NSW EP&A Act came into force.  Since 1980 he has run a successful consultancy specialising in fauna surveys and advice. Initially called Mount King Ecological Surveys, this business became Biodiversity Monitoring Services in 2008. In that time the business has been involved in more than 500 projects covering a wide range of development, management and conservation programs. 


In addition to his ecological consultancy, Dr Denny’s experience includes:

  • President of the Ecological Consultants Association of NSW

  • Chair of the Association’s Conduct Committee

  • Assisted in the development of the NSW and Commonwealth survey guidelines and was on the working committee for the ‘NSW Threatened Species Survey and Assessment Guidelines’ 

  • Serves on the OEH Biobanking Accreditation Panel to certify prospective Biobanking Assessors

  • Independent Chair, Review of the Biodiversity Assessment of Clearing under the Native Vegetation Act 2003, and also headed the Scientific Committee supporting the investigation 

  • Member of the AEKOS Data User Reference Group, Eco-Informatics, based at the University of Adelaide

  • Member of an OEH working group developing an accreditation system for ecological consultants

  • Chairman of the Australasian Marsupial Specialist Group, Species Survival Commission, and International Union for the Conservation of Nature.


Dr Denny has had considerable experience in lecturing at several universities and conferences.  He has also been an expert witness in numerous Land and Environment cases in NSW and Queensland, as well as in the Supreme Court.

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