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Our Operations


BMS are fully prepared to tackle any project. We own a complete range of biodiversity survey equipment, are capable of working to strict work, health and safety guidelines and have the necessary technical skills to undertake any biodiversity project.

Biodiversity Monitoring Services


Although BMS can be considered a small business, unlike many other consultancies, we own a full range of survey equipment which includes:


  • Box and cage traps

  • Pit traps, reptile funnels and drift fencing

  • Anabat recorders and Harp traps (for bats)

  • Songmeter recorders (for mammals, frogs and birds)

  • Remote cameras and hollow inspection cameras

  • Freshwater macro-invertebrate survey apparatus.


We have two 4WD vehicles; one modified to mine specifications (ROPS, elevated tail lights, recovery gear, etc.). Due to our small and mobile nature we are able to respond quickly to requests for work, and are completely self-sufficient.

Biodiversity Monitoring Services
Work Health and Safety


Because of a long term association with several working mines, there is an emphasis on safety.  A mine safe vehicle with fitted roll over protection, appropriate lighting and warning systems is available for use. 


BMS carry a full range of PPE to suit the working environment. In addition, induction of personnel into mines requires a rigorous medical examination and the application of high safety standards. 


Being a close knit team working in a frequently hazardous environment, we are in constant communication about WHS matters. 

Biodiversity Monitoring Services
Technical Skills


All staff are scientifically qualified, trained and experienced in fauna surveys and assessments.  A full range of equipment is available for use in the surveys, and all staff are familiar with this equipment.  All staff are capable of driving 4WD vehicles in most terrains.  Appropriate permits and licences are held by BMS, including:


  • Animal Care and Ethics Committee Approval

  • OEH Scientific Licence and Forestry Corporation Research Permit

  • BAM Accredited Assessor

  • Australian River Assessment System (AUSRIVAS) NSW Accreditation

  • First Aid training

  • Chainsaw Certification

  • Green Card (Occupational Health and Safety General Induction for Construction Work in NSW).


In addition to survey technical skills there is a range of analysis, GIS and office software available for staff.  This includes ArcGIS, SigmaPlot, Primer, PC-Ord, Analook, Word, Excel etc.

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